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05-Aug-2017 20:44

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Satan is also quite aware that that countries such as the United States with its pain-in-the-butt Christians would not allow such intrusion in their lives so he knows the system could not be developed in most democratic states until he is permitted to bring events on the earth that will convince the majority to give up all their freedoms for the promise of security.

Satan also knows that without a prototype or pilot project that all the surveillance capabilities would not get developed nor the bugs worked out in time for the government of his appointed world ruler. Obviously he knows that it would have to be developed in an increasingly high tech but totalitarian system where the demonic elite already control the people.

The workers at FSAN don’t just make surveillance cameras; they are constantly watched by them.

While they work, the silent eyes of rotating lenses capture their every move.

He would also want to test the prototype in modern cities with high populations because if it worked there it will work anywhere.

The reality of the world today is that the ideal place on earth for development of this total surveillance prototype would be in China.

What if I told you that this prototype is almost fully developed and that the prototypes are now advanced enough to be exported to all nations on earth as soon as the people of the nations are willing to give up their freedom for security? This total surveillance system is well documented fact.

It will be increasingly exported all over the world and it will be in place worldwide for use of the Antichrist and his Beast world system probably somewhere around 2030AD.

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Satan knows that his world ruler will not be omnipresent, omnipotent or omniscient so this world ruler and his government will have to depend on a surveillance system that will watch, monitor and follow the movements of everyone on earth and also have access to all information databases in the world.

Read the article and you will gain some understanding of the total surveillance society that is coming to the whole world.