Counter strike keeps validating 100

09-Jul-2017 02:03

counter strike keeps validating 100-56

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It should be understood that anyone going down tone scale in moments of anger is apt to use the above-numbered steps one way or another.But this is a momentary thing; the above steps belong, of course, on the tone scale and are significant of a level on the tone scale.The constant negation of anyone around him, with vehement accusations that “everyone” is incompetent, and he is the “only one” that can do anything.

And when he does finally review the submission it is returned with a scathing reject informing the person that they are stupid, incompetent, suppressive and trying to destroy him by sending him a suppressive proposal. It is one (though perhaps not the most important) of the reasons why the Super Power building has never been completed.Anyone who has ever done the work on a project and had to get it approved by Miscavige recounts a familiar tale.And don’t doubt that he insisted on approving everything – anyone who attempted to take any action of significance in Scientology without his approval was accused of trying to “take over” and declared a Treasonous SP.But still, it is puzzling how people can witness the most brutal and demeaning actions carried out by DM and not come to their senses.

LRH gives an answer in PAB 13 ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR, written in 1953. I had occasion to pull it out for someone to read and I re-read it myself.

Metra's operating arm, the Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation, was created as a separate rail subsidiary which operates seven Metra owned routes.… continue reading »

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We’re glad to hear your side of the story, especially after so much speculation.… continue reading »

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The fate of animals and plants became a pressing concern.… continue reading »

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Less-Than-Fun fact: homosexuality was outlawed and punishable by death in the UK by wife-murderer Henry VIII and continued to be illegal until 1967. A., anyone accused of being a "sodomite" doing "buggery" was also legally sentenced to death as of 1776.) Coded words, female names and other signals in personals were channels to privately expressing vulnerability and find companionship that society forbade.… continue reading »

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