Good gifts for one year dating anniversary

25-Jul-2017 18:48

Make a keepsake box of things that remind you of your loved one.

Continue to work towards a cause your loved one was involved with.

I apply it to my pulse points (neckline, wrists, behind the knees and behind the ears).

-Diva Kari Try something a little different to make the night memorable – pick up some glow sticks and pop rocks.

That’s why we decided to collect our very best, very favorite, very intimate ideas that are perfect for your next anniversary celebration… So you want to make it a night neither of you will forget, right?!

We’ve got more ideas than you’ll ever be able to use, so you’re sure to find some that are perfect for this year (and many years to come)!

When I looked at the date and realized it was actually the day after, I was shocked. We helped you reframe Valentines Day, we offered you 8 New Year’s resolutions for grievers, we suggested a fun family activity for remembering loved ones on Easter, we came up with a list of ways to remember your loved one during the holiday season, we challenged you to search for joy on Mother’s Day, and Litsa laid out a rock star tutorial on Father’s Day sulking. Visit or spend time in a place where you feel close to your loved one. Take the trip you had been planning or dreaming about. Read old notes, letters, or e-mails from your loved one. This is a perfect surprise for any Anniversary and it has two sides depending on your “mood”.